On September 26 of 2016, Colombia signed the peace deal. That was the first day in a long time in which we could sleep in peace, except those who no longer have a place to: victims of war. Colombia is the second country in the world with the largest displacement. Colombian Red Cross created a program to help refugees while they can return to their homes. But who wants to fund such a cause? when the whole conversation was about the peace deal and nobody wanted to talk about refugees and forced displacement.
If media, government and industrial leaders thought that forced displacement was a small problem, we decided to show them on a big screen the real magnitude of it, a screen they can´t fast forward, close or not look at. This is how Calixto was born, a film made by the most relevant colombian film director -Sergio Cabrera- which tells the reality of one displaced person, whose objective was to sensitize media, government and large companies to make their donations and thus build a bigger shelter where the refugees had a better situation.
· A film with $0 cost, made completely with donated talent and production.
· CALIXTO raised COP$1.300.000.000 during the premiere.
· 60 companies and national media joined the cause with donations.
· A bank donated the complex where today refugees are received.
· CALIXTO was screened during the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.
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